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3.   The Persian branch of the line ofTuli: Hulagu and
his successors, the Il-Khans of Persia.
4.   The line of Juji^ ruling the Turkish tribes of the
Khanate  of Kipchak;  the Khans  of the  Golden  and
White Hordes . . . and finally the Khans of Khiva and
5.    The   line  of Chagatay^   ruling   Mawaranahr   or
In A.D. 1229, two years after the death of Chengiz
Khan, a Diet of the Nobles was held at which Ogotay
was elected Khakan. He received the homage of all and
celebrated his accession by sending forty of the most
beautiful Mongol maidens " to serve Chengiz in the other
world " ; horses too were sacrificed. He then distributed
costly gifts among his generals.
Three Great Expeditions.—At this Diet three great
military expeditions were projected, the first of which was
the despatch of an army thirty thousand strong, under
Chormaghun, to attack Jalal-u-Din. The second army,
of equal strength, was to conquer Central and Southern
Russia, inhabited at that period by Bulgars, Kipchaks, and
Sukassines, and the third army, under the immediate
command of Ogotay, was to continue the conquest of
Northern China.
The expedition against Jalal-u-Din alone concerns
Persia directly, but the results of the other two may be
mentioned. The campaign conducted by Ogotay resulted
in the complete conquest of the Kin empire, which had
been only partially reduced during the lifetime of Chengiz
Khan ; but the Sung dynasty of Southern China was not
subdued until Khubilay's reign. In Europe the Mongols
carried fire and the sword across Russia to Poland and
Hungary from A.D. 1236 to 1241, and so widespread was
the alarm that, according to Matthew Paris, in A.D. 1238,
" the people of Gothland and Friesland did not dare to
come to Yarmouth for the herring fishery."*
The death of Ogotay in A.D. 1241 necessitated a new
Diet, and this, together with the rugged nature of Central
Europe, which was unsuitable for the movements of the
1 Chronka Major a, vol. iii. p, 488,